Using GrandTotal you can create invoices and estimates in the twinkling of an eye and keep track over the outstanding payments. Detailed statistics and graphs give you an insight into the current state of your business and allow comparison to previous periods.


Using the flexible editor the layout of your invoice can be matched to the design of your stationary documents. Once created, all your invoices and estimates will look as desired.


In order to enable an optimal workflow, Grand Total is integrated with various programs and services.


Key Features

  • Invoices (also recurring)
  • Quotes
  • Account statements
  • User defined layouts
    • PDF-Backdrops
    • Additional pages for Terms & Conditions
  • Sync using Dropbox
  • Drag'n'drop support
  • PDF-Export
  • Sending documents using E-Mail
  • Flexible tax settings
  • Foreign currencies
  • OS X Address Book support
  • Client specific settings for...
    • Layouts
    • Term of payment
    • Payment type
  • Catalog for recurring items
  • Reminder for due & overdue invoices
  • Reports
  • Flexible export options

New in GrandTotal 4

  • The interface has been modernized and simplified.
  • New customizable charts in the overview let you visualize and compare your figures.
  • Document icons now are colored to provide a quicker overview where action is required.
  • More placeholders for layouts
  • Additional documents now can be added to Estimates as well
  • Conditions now support cash discounts
  • Estimates can now have optional items
  • In Preferences you now can setup notifications that are displayed while GrandTotal is not launched
  • You now can create blocks in the layout to display text only if a placeholder has a value
  • Titles can now autocomplete whole blocks of items
  • Layout lines now support insets
  • Export to Excel now exports native .xls format. Columns that can be summed contain the corresponding formula in the last cell. This files also can be opened with compatible applications like Numbers.
  • Import for .xls format (Clients, Catalog)
  • The Find window now can filter by document type and search for amounts
  • Support for custom time importer plugins. Check the supported services in "Overview/Get Plugins"
    • Support for Toggl
    • Support for Paymo
    • Support for Tick
  • Pick your preferred mail client in Preferences/Mail
  • Help has been improved and can be accessed contextually (?-Button)
  • Dropbox sync now supports business accounts